Sort Your Socks

I couldn’t find a matching pair of socks this morning….


Sharing a room with a sleeping two month old, I often need to get ready in the dark. Most of my socks are dark blue, dark brown, or black and they all look the same. I’m regretting not taking the time to organize them yesterday.

Why post that on LinkedIn, the professional network? Because each day I go into work to help my colleagues and clients organize our socks. Data and really good analytics depend on a foundation of mundane work to prepare for the impact. As we work, we can look around for the right tool, data point, visualization, etc and stumble around in the dark. Or we can do the work up front to have it ready to go when it really matters: a key meeting with a client, the right fact or figure for the boss, or that time saving shortcut for a peer.

Go sort your socks.

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